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30 days of


30-Day Prayer Challenge

There is no doubt that God has blessed us to make it to where we are today.  I was invited to join a 30-day prayer challenge during the month of September and felt that I should extend the opportunity to my village as well. 


Each day, I will post the prayer prompts and link to a Spotify playlist that I am curating as I complete the reading each day. 

Day 1 -No Surprises

Today's prayers: God will give you peace when you face tough choices. God to show you his plan. Ask him to settle your spirit when surprises come. 

Day 2 - Fanning the flames

Today's prayers: God will help you hold your tongue when tempted to gossip. God replace your desire to gossip with good works. Show you the gossip fodder in your life. 

Day 3 - Expectation

Today's prayers: God will give you gratitude. God will help you align your desires with His Will. God show you what you need to let go of.

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